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The Luxe Bedside Basket is more than just a collection of products; it's a symbol of empathy and understanding. Carefully handpicked and assembled, each item within this basket is designed to provide a sense of comfort and relaxation, turning the bedside into a sanctuary of hope and respite. But the Luxe Bedside Basket offers more than just physical comfort; it's an emotional lifeline too. Thoughtful tokens of encouragement and inspiration are included to uplift the spirits and remind recipients that they are cherished and supported during this challenging time. Whether it's a personal gift or an expression of love from a caring friend or family member, the Luxe Bedside Basket serves as a beacon of care and compassion. Our mission at Chemocare Baskets is to provide a ray of light amidst the storm, and the Luxe Bedside Basket perfectly embodies this heartfelt sentiment.
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The Luxe Bedside Basket includes:

  • Oil Diffuser - Anjou white diffuser with multiple calming light options. Certain essential oils help with nausea and can also calm the mind and body. Use in combination with the calming light & sounds Bluetooth speaker with calming sounds for maximum sensory bliss and tranquility.
  • Plush Heating Wrap — Warm, soft, and cuddly, this microwavable wrap wards off chills from chemotherapy and radiation. 
  • Essential Oil Gift Set - Set of six premium essential oils from Laguna Moon. Peppermint and orange helps with nausea and Lavender helps with headaches. When used in a diffuser for aromatherapy, lemongrass essential oil is said to boost mood and relieve feelings of nervousness and anxiety. 
  • Roller Bottles of Lavender - Roll on temples and under nose for calming aromatherapy. Can be kept at home, in your car, your purse or anywhere else you want a gentle reminder to apply and take a couple of deep, cleansing breaths.
  • Gel Beads Ice Pack with Strap - Applied to the neck and face, this ice pack is a refreshing remedy for hot flashes from chemotherapy and fevers from radiation.
  • Motivational Water Bottle - Even if eating is difficult, it’s important to stay hydrated. An inviting vessel and crushed ice help fluids go down easier.
  • List of Soothing Music/Sounds - Options to use in combination with aromatherapy for the ultimate calming, healing experience.
  • Beautiful Rope Basket - To hold all the things needed by the bedside while undergoing treatment.